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Thread: Is my ex really happy?

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    Apr 2020

    Is my ex really happy?

    Me and my girlfriend broke up a few months ago when all this covid stuff jumped off.
    Everything was great Before and we were both happy and shared all kinds of new feelings we both had from each other and shared lots of experiences that we didnít have in past relationships.
    But we both had a tendency to get in our Own heads From time to time and being in quarantine away from eachother wasnít helping.
    On top of that she would worry about her bi sexuality being an issue and it was on her mind around that time as well.
    She was attracted to girls but as far as guys go she would tell me I was the only guy she wanted. I would reassure her I was fine with her being attracted to girls and long story short would even tell her during talks if she wanted to go explore that side of her then she could But she told me she wanted to be with only me and she was happy.
    Then Next day after a talk about it we got into a bit of an argument over some stuff we were in our heads about and Iíll admit I did start it but I didnít think it would go down like it did.
    She then said maybe we need to rethink our relationship and I was legitimately shocked.
    However the day went on and we were ok kind of.
    The next couple days she was short with me still and and then on the third day she tells me sheís not sure what she wants anymore, the relationship still means something to her but that we should go back to being just friends and we both agreed.
    She told me we could still talk of course and everything would be normal but it wasnít and she would send me stuff on social media off and on for a bit and then stopped and then two weeks went by and I heard nothing.
    Suddenly I get a drunk text at 2 in the morning that sheís in town near my house and as I ask why she just says never mind and leaves me on read.
    While all this is going on I still have her xbox which I told her 4 times between now and then that she could get it or I could drop it off whenever but she either ignores it or talks about something else so I just gave up.
    Then I notice she starts taking to this girl on social media, that she brought up to me before, and she is acting a bit different as well on everything like posting more and all that.
    Eventually they got together and she starts talking about how happy she is now.
    I am happy for her, really, but it does sting a bit and thatís natural right?
    A bit more time goes by and nothing.
    All of a sudden she texts me asking about my order from a food place and what I got.
    However she should know because she would tease me about getting it every time but i tell her and I think thatís that....but then she asks me if there are certain sizes....ITS A BURRITO THEYRE ALL ONE SIZE...but I tell her anyway and thatís that.
    Fast forward to now...
    She texts me a week ago and tells me she notices Iím not on social media and I havenít been either for many personal reasons. Then she goes on and tells me her heads in a better place and asks if I want to be friends again because she misses me as a person. So I agree and tell her I miss her too and she tells me we should hang out and catch up.
    I agree but all I really think it is is so she can get her Xbox and thatís it or am I thinking too ďharshlyĒ? Itís the reality of it I think.
    But I tell her Iím down for it and let her know to let me know when SHE wants to. I havenít heard from her yet.
    And yes right now sheís still with that same girl.
    She still follows all of my friends AND family and vice versa on social media.
    My brother tells me that my ex posted a really personal story on snapchat saying she feels depressed, lonely, lost and all these other negative things.
    She used to post things like that venting in public because she doesnít have many people in her life she can trust but once I came into the picture I would always be there to help calm her down and make her feel better and she hasnít posted any of that kind of stuff for a while and especially never when we were together.
    But shouldnít her girlfriend be making her feel good to where sheís not posting that kind of depressed stuff? And sheís been posting like everything is great for her so where did that come from?
    I did text her but didnít bring up the story.
    I just made it casual and we talked for a bit and that was that.
    (This was a couple days ago)

    So my questions are (please answer in this format if possible))

    1.is the relationship shes in now a ďrebound relationshipĒ and is she really as happy as she claims on posts?

    2. Does she really miss me or think about me?
    If she really wanted to hang she would have given me a day to right?

    3. Why does she text me at random hours or when sheís drunk?
    (Mind you Iím Not too quick to reply either)

    4.is there a chance, in similar experiences, that she may still like me and still thinks about our relationship? Why is she texting me while seeing someone?

    Thank you for your time

    Also yeah I get it, itís a long post but please donít comment ďyOu NeEd To MaKE iT siMpLeĒ
    thatís just a waste of time. Come on.
    I Understand but at the same time I donít want to miss details I think may be important.
    I just want help or insight from other people who may have experienced the same thing also

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    OP, you keep making threads about this girl.

    And you keep getting largely the same answers: it's time to move on. She's immature and has no idea what she wants, and you're her distraction when she's bored or wants some attention. This isn't going to become the relationship of your life.

    What advice from your other threads did you actually take into account?

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    Apr 2020
    I understand that and I take a lot of them into account and most of the answers I already figured before with the more ďrealistĒ part of my mind.
    I just thought Iíd Ask on the updated situation, try under a a couple different forums to get other views or hopefully someone who went through the same thing.
    I didnít think youíd be on every one and I donít mean to frustrate you either or anything and I appreciate whatever kind of feedback.

    And My mind just wonders sometimes. Iíll be fine one second and suddenly this hits me like a ton.

    Regardless, Iíll just stop then I guess.
    Thank you for your time.

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    Aug 2016
    Remember that a lot of posters here will click on your username to see your posting history when they respond. That is how we know if you've made several threads on the same issue; it provides more context, so you can assume others will see your previous threads too.

    In any event, the details you've provided here don't really change the bottom line. This girl is quite immature. She isn't ready for any sort of commitment and when she is, it won't be with you. It sucks but you're the guy she counts on for attention when she wants her ego scratched. When she's gotten her fill, she bounces again. So whether she's happy right now isn't relevant to the situation between you two; she doesn't see you the same way you see her.

    You need to block her so you can move on. This isn't going to have a happy ending.


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    Cloud Nine
    Burritos and Xboxes. 🥙🎮

    Replied to your other thread about this
    [Register to see the link]


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