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Thread: Grad students, do you have meeting with your advisor outside of business hours?

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    All you need to do is decide if you want to see him again.

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    Platinum Member Rose Mosse's Avatar
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    Mar 2019
    I'm so sorry that the date turned out like this. If you both go out again, have a nice time together and be honest about how you feel watching a chess game. I think both of you have different ideas of what your dates should be. A+ for variety though. Take it easy and don't get too upset just yet.

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    I found dating to be a part time job at times. It was stressful, required a thick skin, etc. Only one thing made it worth it -I wanted to be a married mom -or at least have the opportunity to be a mom in the only situation that was acceptable to me (if I had a biological child) - in a stable marital home. I wanted that very very badly. I had a good life as a single person and I was always 100% honest with myself that it wasn't enough for me.

    Had I not wanted marriage and parenthood no way would I have been out there proactively husband hunting. Yes, husband hunting -for the right match, a good match, for the whole package including love and passion - but yes, husband hunting. Had I just wanted someone to date or hook up with or be my boyfriend for a time - no way would all that time and stress and tears have been worth it. But because I wanted that so badly what I had to do too was never ever let myself be jaded or cynical for more than a very short time after a very bad date. Nothing is more unattractive to men and they can smell that negativity from miles away. I wouldn't be married now if I'd let myself go there. That's my strong suggestion to you -and to evaluate why exactly you are putting yourself out there.

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