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Thread: New job - should I apply for new position

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    New job - should I apply for new position

    So since December 2019 I started working a new job downtown. It's a great gig; good pay and the work is relatively fulfilling. I'm even part of a union!

    Here's the thing ... a management position has opened up recently that I think I'd be good at. This means even greater pay, less need to do gruntwork and I don't have to deal with but at the entry-level. Thing is ... I would have to give up being part of union.

    Anyone have any experience with this sort of dilemma? Is it worth giving up the benefits and the protections afforded by a union for higher pay and the possibility at moving up? What are your thoughts?

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    Before you jump, find out more about what they offer for medical/vacation pay etc. Sometimes with the more pay and no benefits, you end up losing money.

    Me personally never liked being in a union because of the dynamics of advancement (the Peter Principal), and the limitation of communication with the higher ups.

    I have been union free for decades, and I have to say the freedom is worth it. I have never had to worry about losing my job, and the company I work for is very accommodating, and provides benefits, retirement savings etc. Not the greatest but better than paying stupid dues, or the threat of going on strike with no money coming in.

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    I made that jump in the 80s. Never looked back. My income levels tripled within 10 years. Never would have if i stayed in the union job.

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    Evaluate the pros and cons. Make a list. Pros on the right and cons on the left. Write the positives and negatives on a sheet of paper. If the pros outweigh the cons, then apply for the new position.

    Personally, for me, benefits are extremely important such as medical insurance, dental insurance, PTO or vacation and sick time, pension - retirement benefits and long time endurance, stability and financial security.

    Others who've jumped ship can earn a higher income with less benefits, however, they have higher outgoing expenses such as monthly out-of-pocket medical insurance premiums, no job security, no guaranteed steady paycheck and other high bills. It's definitely something to think about.


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