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My ex boyfriend told me he loves me and misses me a lot and needs me and he hugged me and kissed me when we me met and I always seem to bump into him somehow I feel like he follows me around sometimes and he gets jealous if other guys talk to me but at the same time he told me he doesnít want us to get back together and that he wants to forget me but He wants to keep talking to me and meeting and he said he will always be there for me and beside me no matter what and he doesnít want to date anyone new or have a new girlfriend and he doesnít want to be just friends and he tries to kiss me all the time the last time I met him he tried to kiss me and I backed off and I told him since we are not together anymore I donít want him to kiss me he said sorry but later He kissed me against my will he said he canít control himself and he askes me If Iím dating someone new... he was the one who dumped me and I asked If he wants us to get back together after he told me he loves me and misses me a lot he said no however heís acting this way Iím so confused :(
What exactly are you confused about? He doesn't want to be in a relationship with you but he wants to make sure you don't see anyone? That is what you call red flag dangerous. Someone that wants to control you from a far is not worth having in your life (unless you find that arousing).
This is what it boils down to. You are not with him, he doesn't want you, he wants to control you. So if you don't want to be controlled, then quick talking to the guy. Yes, its that simple. He is not going to go away easily so you just cant respond so (and I rarely say this) You have to block him from your life.
If you don't, then you will continue to be confused.