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Rose, what upsets me - the message is super condescending and conceated. he clear takes me for granted expecting me to answer. When we were dating he told me once, that he didn't feel the need to chase me because he knew I'd always be there. And during our break-up talk he also hypothesized that he perhaps lost interest (not that he ever really had it) because I made myself too available. And now he's dumped me and still expects me to be there, like how little self-worth does this guy think I have? and then him expecting that he would still see me and wanting to stay in touch...huh? like does he think I'm going to take the conciliatory prize of FWB or friends? And then as Lambert said, him playing the hero of offering to meet with me because he thinks Im so sad at the prospect of not seeing him again. Or him wishing me well with the next guy? everybody knows how douchy it is to say that when you break up, it's up there with the 'we can still be friends' line.

Anyway I'm ok, I know I sound angrier in writing than I really am.
You have a choice though and I'm sure all of this is slowly coming together while you let go of that missed connection. That choice is whether to take things personally or to dust yourself off and treat it as part and parcel of the dating process. I'm 100% with you on being upset. I think our emotions also teach us next time how to sidestep or see problems or anticipate them from afar.

At the end of it, I'm of the mind that he wasn't that hot anyway. Isn't it great that he's now gone? Glass half full type and good riddance too. Look at all that freedom ahead. And now you've got a few lessons and techniques in the dating area. Be kind to yourself too.