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Thread: Why don't I feel anything???

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    The numbness could just be the denial stage or partially relief. Sometimes break ups can be different and you can experience the stages of loss/grief in different orders. Don't be surprised if it does spring up on you from time to time and you feel sad or angry. I think that's normal. Feeling numb might be normal too right now because if a relationship is rocky or there were ups and downs you could initially be getting some relief from not having that weight of potential new conflict on your shoulders. Break ups suck. I'm learning to go through the motions and feel whoever I feel and accept that feeling until it passes.

    Keep focusing on the positive. When you're tempted to have second thoughts or if he reaches out make sure you have a list of reasons why it didn't work out and why things will be better in the long run. Love yourself and try to do things that make you happy.

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