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Thread: Fiance of 8 years, two small kids, stepson, neverending issues/resentment

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    Keep in mind that the most dangerous time for a woman, is when her abuser knows she's moving on. With that said, be very careful to cover your tracks and avoid feeling that you have an obligation to explain your choices.

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    Why would you have children with someone like this? He is a terrible parent, lazy, and an abusive loser! So many red flags.

    Cut off the services in your name and don't give him any money for anything. You need to only think of the needs of you and the girls. You have been enabling this this creep long enough.

    Do not tell him you're leaving, just get what you need and stay with your folks. You also need to file for full custody,as he is an unfit parent. Seek out a lawyer and go through the courts for visitation.
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