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Thread: Feeling lost and neglected

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    Imagine yourself in his shoes. If a loving, invested bf/gf suggests a vacation but later couldn't follow through due to circumstances (finances, work, sick family members, etc.) they'd likely be very apologetic, probably incredibly disappointed as well, and they should be actively working with you or on their own to try to find an alternative solution (a cheaper destination, doing something nice at home instead, or planning the vacation at a later time). The last thing they want to do is to turn it on you, say you're pushing, or to emotionally shut down from you as if they couldn't care less about your very understandable disappointment. Look at what he's doing and you have your answer.

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    He keeps mistreating you because you put up with it.

    You can't argue somebody into treating you well, but you can walk away from anyone who doesn't.

    Head high, and raise your bar.

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