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Thread: Is my feeling normal?

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    Platinum Member Lambert's Avatar
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    May 2012
    I would probably stop being friends with her and let my husband know I don't appreciate he playing dumb, while being flirted with in my face. How would he feel if it were his buddy and you?

    Next time this happens, if it happens, stop it right there. A casual "you don't need to share a glass with my husband. I'll get you your own"

    Let people take it how they want but shooting things down in the moment is being true to yourself.

    I was once out at a restaurant with good friends, my boyfriend and a new girl. I invited the new girl because I'm a friendly person. she had just moved to my building and I had no problem, seeing she had no friends, introducing her to my friends.

    At the dinner, she was commenting to me, about my boyfriend.... which I didn't like but she didnt say anything so bad. It just seemed like she was basically, acting like he was a single guy ,that she thought was neat. Then I got up to use the washroom.

    When I got back she was sitting in my chair! I looked right at her and said, "her name, get out of my chair!"

    And she did. I sat down and turned my focus to my boyfriend and our dinners. I think some people noticed or some didn't. I was livid and I didn't invite her again.

    I didn't let her make me mad at my boyfriend. I did understand how maybe he wouldn't say, don't sit there or whatever. I brought the girl. We were in a restaurant. What should he say?

    In the moment, maybe your hubs didnt know how to handle. ok. you can understan that. one time.

    It is a weird & awkward situation that she created. And it was testing me. Just like you. Afterwards when alone, we talked about it. What to do if something happened like that again.

    In our case, it was to tell her not sit there.

    In your case, he should have said, let me pour you a glass or you keep that, I'll get another glass.

    I would not like another woman enjoying an intimate act, like sharing a cup with my guy. no. nor would i do that to another woman.

    This woman is not your friend. she's testing the waters..... or at the least getting some kind of rise out of infringing on your boundaries.

    I had no problem letting my boyfriend know, that I'm not sharing him with other women. And no. This was messed up.

    I did think he was flattered. he got a little ego boost. And thats ok, too. He was my bf and I was protective of him. I did think he was a catch. my catch. and that's a good thing. if you're smart, this could be a little joke between you... at her expense.

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    Platinum Member reinventmyself's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
    "we are totally opposite of each other"
    Sounds like you need to find some like minded friends.

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    Platinum Member catfeeder's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    New Jersey
    I would have poured the woman her own drink. I also would not police my husband for being kind enough to the friends that ~I~ choose to bring around.

    If I don't like the behavior of a friend, I tend to distance myself. But I'm not going to lecture other people for indulging her when I'm the one endorsing her to them.

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