Honestly, this sounds all too familiar. Unfortunately, more than one relationship of mine has sounded this way. I actually think itís me. I read this book called the ďsurrendered wifeĒ by Laura Doyle (forgive me if the title is wrong) because I was struggling AGAIN with someone new. I am a very insecure person (due to a variety of things that happened to me in my past reltionships) and this book made a lot of sense. If youíre trying to save your relationship, it may be worth a shot. Some of it seems IMPOSSIBLE TO DO. Like, giving compliments to your other half even though youíd love to tell them to pick up their FREAKING dishes Lololol. A lot of people disagree with the book, because they say you shouldnít just cave into a guy and let them be s to you, but I tried some of the methods and they were helpful and I was shocked they had worked.
If you are looking to end your relationship, then do so. But if youíre not, I think with effort on your side to just take care of you and just pretend that heís not bothering you much when heís out and youíre just minding your own business, doing your own thing... he may be like ďwait a minute...Ē 🤷🏻♀️