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Thread: Casual sex

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    So he joked with you that sex is no effort for him and for whatever reason you took it the wrong way and got hurt and upset about it. Then he told you that it actually does take effort and commitment and you are unhappy and upset about that too? Make up your mind, because you can't be upset both ways. It looks like you are just looking to be upset no matter what he says or does.

    This whole thing sounds like a huge issue with communication or rather complete miscommunication between the two of you. If you are still not clear what he meant or where he stands, then I suggest first is that you cool down and calm down and get yourself into a more neutral mindset and then talk to him again about where you two are at and what this is between you.

    Also, be more honest with yourself about how you feel and what you actually want. Don't play games where you try to act all cool while in reality you are getting attached, also don't agree to an fwb and then play wifey. Get your head screwed on straight and know who you are and what you actually want. I can pretty much guarantee you that playing cool chick/fwb games will not get you a guy who genuinely wants to be with you. It will just get you hurt feelings and confusion. Getting Ready for a First Date

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    Understanding that men and women see sex differently will help answer your own question, but I say this... is you have to ASK what he meant by it, and he can't explain it to your satisfaction... possibly he is not the one you should be having 'casual' sex with. Men can have casual sex, and mostly women will FALL into a relationship and a man will not! Hope it helps even a little bit. Good luck!

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    "You need to stop over investing in this emotionally" GREAT ADVICE!!!

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    After giving him complete access to your body, why are you hesitant to ask him a question? My thoughts are it would be much easier to ask where we stand, rather than getting naked with someone you barely know.

    Am I missing something?


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    The way I read it is that he doesn’t put any effort into the sex because he doesn’t have to.
    You are essentially assisting him masterbate.

    And he gets the bonus of food cooked for him and massages.

    He literally has to do nothing to get what he wants.

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