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Thread: Boyfriend changed his mind about moving in together

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    Honestly, i would not want to date a man who wanted to do a "trial run" of us living together. Someone who does that wants to see how you are about putting your clothing in the hamper. If they want to make a commitment, they don't care about that. When you want to marry someone, you have already found out the important big stuff is just right. And the person is someone you can talk to about things if someone irritated you.

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    He is not willing to commit to you and he wants his freedom. He doesn't want to feel tied down by you. It's typical for many men.

    You have to respect and accept his choices even if you don't feel like it nor like it. He wants you to be just his girlfriend on his terms. Either remain patient and have a committed relationship when he's ready sometime in the future or break up with him if his conditions aren't good enough for you.

    I'm sorry for your hurt feelings. He's not willing to give that much of himself to you and he's not placing that much worth into you which hurts. You need to determine if you're willing to just be the girlfriend and that's it. If being his girlfriend for just talks and movies, it's like having a good friend and nothing more. Ask yourself if this is all you want? If he's good enough for you at this rate, maintain the relationship. If you want more and he's unwilling to budge regarding moving in together, nothing will change.

    Also, be careful with wanting to move in together. If you want to eventually marry him, not all men are willing to marry you after moving in together. Sometimes "playing house" doesn't result in marriage. To the contrary, reality sets in with paying bills, doing household chores, grocery shopping and the like and suddenly it's not so fun anymore compared to dating.

    A real man has sincere intentions to marry you and spend the rest of his life with you even before moving in together. Learn to differentiate different types of men. Some men want to be carefree for a long time and other men are more serious regarding commitment and marriage. Become a good judge of character.

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