OP, how often do you ask to hang out with these people directly? I found that as a couple, I'd still invite everyone out. But once I had kids, I wasn't the leader inviting everyone out, and no one was inviting me out. And it was sad. But I got back on the horse, and made some great mom friends. And my hubs became friends with their hubs.

My dad always says you are the most luckiest person in the world if you have one true friend. And by that I mean, friends do come and go, whether from having new problems, prioritizing their own family. But I guarantee, if you invited them out with their ladies, threw a party, they are more than happy to party with you. But you have to make some effort - can't always be one sided. And if it is always you inviting them out, then time to make new friends, and don't take it personally. Everyone is always going through some level of poop, and processing things and new elements and new friends happen. Doesn't mean they don't love and care for you - people sometimes drift apart.

I have friends from HS, College, friends because our kids are friends, friends because our kids go to the same school, friends from groups, friends from associations, appendage friends - nothing will always stay the same. So as sucky as it can be, you gotta put yourself out there for friendships and romance.