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Thread: exs social media feels targeted at me?

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    Originally Posted by youngnotdumb
    I'm feeling okay, just confused. We ended mutually and I actually think we could be friends at some point in the future. Which is why I haven't blocked or deleted them on anything because there wasn't really anything dramatic that staying "friends" on social media would be a problem. It doesn't bother me still being connected on social media. We don't really talk or engage with one another, just follow. Maybe I should have clarified, their posts haven't been mean, triggering, or anything that would hurt me to see. I don't assume they're all about me. They've just been posting oddly coincidental lately (about my passions...inside jokes we had...etc.) and I was curious if this was a typical way an ex would reach for a form of connection/communication.
    No it's not a typical way a person who you're no longer dating would try to connect with you in any genuine, relevant, meaningful way. Are you asking about connection and communication - nice fancy terms -when what you really want to know is "does this mean he wants to date me again?" Two different things.

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    OP, trying to read something personal into what your ex is posting on social media is a really good way to humiliate yourself and stay stuck.

    Harsh reality is that he has your contact info and knows how to reach you directly if he wanted to. If he isn't doing it, it's because he is not interested in getting back with you.

    True story. I posted a pic that I particularly like on my profile. I'm barely active on social media and had no idea an ex was still keeping tabs. He saw the pic and contacted me all excited because he took that pic as me wanting to get back together with him. From there on out it was the most painfully awkward conversation where I had to explain to him that I posted the pic because I like it, and that I didn't even think of him or about him while doing so, and that it had nothing to do with him, and that I had zero interest in getting back together.

    OP, please block delete and stop looking at what your ex is up to. Stop hurting yourself. Your avatar name is youngnotdumb - start living up to it.

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    Once someone becomes an ex, I have no further interest in their social media. If you're going to jump down that rabbit hole, it just makes the climb back out of it more difficult and unnecessary.

    I'd switch my focus forward, and if an ex ever has anything meaningful to say to you, you'll have no trouble hearing it directly from the--TO you.

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