You made the right decision.

The only thing you might have done wrong in the relationship is lived with this situation for this long and enabled his issues. Good for you for sticking up for yourself and having your say at the end. It takes a lot of courage to split off and move to a new place on your own. You'll keep looking back and that's only natural. I think it's natural too for you to wonder whether you've done the right thing.

It'll take time. Don't force all the answers. Be around people who love and care about you. Don't go down the psychoanalysis road and if you do, there's no point communicating that to him. You are not his psychiatrist or his therapist. Stay out of his life from now onwards and start looking more at your own and your own future. It doesn't hurt to talk about your experience or find an outlet somehow either.

I agree with Wiseman about protecting yourself and your accounts and passwords. Make sure you're the only one with a key to your new place. Take care of yourself from now on.

As for your other things, if you can have them replaced, replace them. They are just things. I know some things have sentimental value or are expensive but take a time out from all this even if just for a few days and think about whether you really need any of it to begin with or is it just one reason to have a hold on this relationship.