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Thread: Mysterious message

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    A few years ago, my hubs would delete the messages he was having with an ex. And she was married with a new baby. He didn't manage to delete the last exchange, and I went in to update his company FB page, and used his logged in, and that's where I caught it.

    BTW, they know how to use FB messenger - she was on it with you, so obviously uses it. I guarantee she and him don't want to get in trouble, and are lying through their teeth.

    Oh, and my hub's ex (another one) told him she had leukemia, and he couldn't see her, to cover up the fact that she was still engaged.

    Trust me - he deleted something he does not want you to see. And he's gas-lighting you. Don't buy it. Get into his emails, check phone records. Check what you can, and catalog it for evidence later on when you need them for your lawyer. Figure out and document where all your finances are, stock options, savings, checking, etc. Be prepared.

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    The part that sounded strange to me is his receiving message (from her) of his call log. I had to do some research on Facebook to find out if there was even such a feature. There is a feature to log calls and texts but one has to go to the log and view it. If they were doing something fishy why would she send him a message of their call history? Even if they weren’t doing something fishy why would she send it?

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