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Thread: Is this normal with hook ups?

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    Originally Posted by confused198828
    So my hook up and I hook up like once a week. But we're also on each other's Facebooks and sometimes when I post stuff, he'll text me and ask if I'm ok. He said that we just hook up or whatever but that he very much cares about me and wants me to be happy. Then today, he asked if I still needed disinfectant wipes. He works at a store I go to a lot and asked if they carried any but they got some in today. I told him no, thank you though.
    Im wondering if this is normal behavior with a hook up? We text about other things, even though it is mostly just about sexual stuff but also some outside of sex. What would we call it if we talk about other things besides hooking up?
    A friend or acquaintance could easily do the same. Nothing weird about that.

    Obviously he does care about you but from what you describe it doesn't seem to indicate romantic interest or anything deeper than common courtesy. Getting Ready for a First Date

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    Originally Posted by confused198828
    What would we call it if we talk about other things besides hooking up?
    Being normal people?

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    I'd call it the exact same thing as what I signed up for, "FWBs".

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    when you care about someone, you think about them. maybe he wants more than just a hook up?


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