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Thread: Mental Health Issues are Ruining My Relationship

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    While it sounds like your bf is hyper focused on you and your mental health, if you are "incredibly depressed" it would be incredibly hard to maintain a healthy and balanced relationship. We are social animals and it is hard not to be affected by the mood of someone you are so close to. Would a relationship work if you both can keep some distance and/or only share a positive facade, even if you are deeply unhappy inside? Perhaps, but I would address the mental health issues first, whether you stay with him or not.

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    It's not on you to diagnose BF's hypothetical behavior or to speculate or guess anything. Your scope is limited to deciding whether this relationship works for YOU.

    If yes, keep living it. If no, then all else is irrelevant.

    That's your truth, and it's all that you're responsible for.

    While it's true that others can sometimes manipulate us into assuming responsibility for their happiness and outcomes, the bottom line is that allowing that is just a distraction away from looking at our real responsibility--to be true to ourselves.

    So operate accordingly, and credit the guy as an adult who is fully capable of getting any professional or personal help that he needs in dealing whatever the outcome YOU choose for yourself.

    Head high, and recognize when you're making something more complicated than it needs to be.

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