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Uh oh. What went wrong after you married?
Nothing went wrong after I married. I said when we were dating or when my husband was my fiance, we didn't fight, snoop, insert our opinions regarding how much money to spend on a parent's gift, we weren't jealous types nor did we manipulate the relationship in any way. We've always been respectful toward each other because this is what love is. Sorry for the confusion. I should've written "have," not "had."

To my husband's credit, I truly feel he is the man he is because of his amazing father. His father treats his mother with utmost respect and love. I on the other hand, hailed from a broken home. My late father was an alcoholic wife beater. My husband taught me and our sons what a respectful, loving, morally supportive, peaceful, calm, harmonious, stable marriage, family and home life is.