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Thread: Should I break up

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    You wrote that you want this to stop right now. That's very easy. Stop all contact with him. Block and delete him.

    You wrote that you want to be the one he admires the most. That's never going to happen. Why would he ever admire someone who allows him to treat her like crap?

    This guy is a tool who is capable of treating women like crap. Seeking his admiration doesn't make any sense. His admiration has zero value because he is not a good enough human being.

    You really need to step back and look in the mirror. This guy is clearly a major d!(k. His admiration has zero value. Why are you seeking so desperately the admiration someone who is clearly not a decent human being?

    You have already wasted four years of your life on this clown. That's almost half a decade. What more proof do you need that he is a clown? At this point you are making an informed choice to keep wasting your life on a clown. Stop already.

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    Wow!!! Question, why would you be with someone who treats you like dirt and comes on to other women for four years? He doesn't love you, he doesn't even actually like you. He has told you so himself! He is an absolute jerk, horrible human being. Yes you should break up with him! Then block him on everything and never speak to him ever again!!

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