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Thread: Why doesn't he want me??

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    Maybe its time for just a couple years to be all about your kids -- join support groups or network groups for other parents in your shoes. Build good female friendships with other moms dealing with these things. There are often assessments that can make your child eligible for certain types of additional therapy. And then when the youngest is in school or some type of therapy program, maybe then focus on finding a man. My relative didn't date until her kids graduated (it wasn't too long because she had 7th grade twins when she was divorced).

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    Originally Posted by HeartGoesOn
    On one hand he's being honest about not wanting a relationship, on the other hand he's using a line of glorified BS to get you between the sheets.

    Either way, I'd look at it as if he doesn't want your heart, he doesn't deserve your body. Of course, that's your call.
    ^ This says it all.

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    I've found dating so much easier once I learned to work backwards from what ~I~ want.

    So if I'm relationship material, and I'm clear about that, why would I bother playing around with anyone who does not define himself as the same?

    Getting involved with a FWB if you already know that you're relationship material is the perfect way to break your own heart--and harm your own self worth.

    Work from what YOU want, and ditch, upfront, anybody who doesn't align with THAT.

    From there it's less a matter of who you can manipulate into what you secretly want while you play in the wrong sandboxes. Instead, it's a matter of screening out wrong matches before messing with wrong matches in the first place.

    Most people are NOT our match. That's not cynical, it's just natural odds. So align yourself with people who ARE looking for the same things you are. Skip investing your ego in trying to convert people who've already 'splained that they have zero intention of giving you what you want.

    It's not about changing people, it's about shopping in the RIGHT market.

    Decide what YOU want and date properly from there. Spare yourself the heartbreak of trying to convert people from the wrong places.

    Head high.

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