Always listen and heed your own common sense.

You are correct. Being a cop is a dangerous occupation for obvious reasons and due to their stressful job of dealing with all sorts of disadvantaged people in society, unfortunately, they also have a high divorce rate. No surprise there.

If your boyfriend is determined to become a cop and turns a deaf ear to your suggestions about a safer occupation, you're hosed. You can envision your future with him or end up as a young widow with kids and his fancy funeral.

His occupation choice could either be a deal breaker for you or not. You'll have to ultimately decide whether you're willing to risk being married to him. Being his girlfriend is easier than being a wife and mother. You'll have more freedom of choice in a man if you're only his girlfriend.

Think long and hard regarding your life with him. Ask yourself whether or not you're willing to live a risky life with him. The choice is yours. Those are some hard questions and you will have to make your own decisions on this one.

I'm very risk adverse.

Then again, my hairstylist's husband is a cop. Through connections, he was able to transfer from being a beat cop to a safer position at his police department. He became an aftermath car accident 'on the scene' cop which is much safer than he previous beat cop position. He no longer pulls motorists over for speeding tickets, citations, doesn't deal with domestic violence cases, etc. He appears at the scene of a car accident's aftermath and gets to go home to his wife and children much to his wife's tremendous relief. He attained this plum, very coveted position because the outgoing car accident cop retired. It was a 'water cooler' or word-of-mouth snatched up job. He's very lucky.