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Thread: Should I Meet him for a Conversation?

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    Chartered, Is the really the best you can do in the man department! I hope not!

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    Originally Posted by Wiseman2
    It was private. While she was working and he was home bingeing on weed and video games, he broke into and rifled through her devices and accounts, snooping through her private communications. Having trusted confidants is a valuable part of friendship. Especially when there is substance abuse and other questionable behavior.
    I get it but that's just me. He was looking for an out...and he found it. I know that is what he was looking for on purpose....a hint of chatting with a male coworker, a message to an old flame....he took the GF to GF chat and ran with it. He stopping caring long before the pandemic happened. He was biding his time, for the right time.

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    . . I had a bf, (now ex) who was acting out in all sorts of ways.
    I needed someone to vent to and was confiding to a friend
    When he came at me that I shouldn't be talking to a friend about our personal business, I don't him `Then don't give me anything to talk about'
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