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Thread: A dream about a loved one who is no longer here

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    A dream about a loved one who is no longer here

    So I had a lovely and warming dream last night. However there is a few things that really stick out to me and wondered if anyone knew the answer to this.
    My Nan, who has been passed away 10 years now. Came to visit my family home. Everyone was there, mum, dad, cousins, etc. My Grandad looked so lit up from her presence. However it came to a part saying our goodbyes. She went around hugging every single member of the family. When it came to me, the hug felt so warming but she began to feel heavy, every time she hugged someone, she lost a bit more energy.
    She didnít speak at all throughout this dream.
    She went upstairs as she implied she forgot something, we all thought this was it.
    She came back downstairs moments later with gifts for her children. My uncle received a picture frame with one of his children inside. My mum received the same, however her picture frame was empty (Iím an only child) does this resemble anything?
    Does this whole dream mean anything?

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    Apr 2016
    People that interpret dreams never ever get confirmation that their interpretation was right or wrong.
    All they get is a sense from the dreamer as to whether the dreamer is happy or not with their interpretation. Right or wrong.

    What do you think the dream means? Thatís the only opinion that really matters.

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    I think a dream is the reflection of our whole day's purposes.

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    We dream so our brains can clean out the things that fill our thoughts, whether it be troubled or happy, so you are fresh the next day. But dreams can be totally meaningless. I had a dream about Davey Jones from the Monkees a couple of nights ago....when I woke up and said to myself...hey wait a min..he's dead lol. I had no reason to be dreaming about him....Woody Harrelson was in it too. It was so real tho. One of those great dreams interacting with famous people. I had a good time in my dream.


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    Probably a dream that you feel something is missing, or you feel lacking...and that you are not worthy of unconditional love. Most likely from the hugs getting weaker, and empty frame.

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    Platinum Member Rose Mosse's Avatar
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    Mar 2019
    You're missing your Nan.. I'm so sorry. Big hugs. She clearly had a big role in your life when she was alive. I'd cherish all those memories and reminisce for a day and pay homage to all the lessons you've learned from her. It's helped you to be who you are today.

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    Jan 2015
    My family always "sees" those who have passed away in dreams. We don't think it's strange at all because it happens so frequently.

    I love dreaming about them. These are people who I love and who were and are important to me.

    I don't really make much effort to try to figure out what the dreams mean. I just enjoy seeing the people even if it is in a dream.

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    I get dreams like that too op. Itís very unsettling so I can see why you want to analyze it. Instead maybe take the dream as for what itís worth a chance to see your nana again. The picture frames may not symbolize anything to do with her but something else subconsciously.

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    Viewing dreams as our own unconscious whispering into our more conscious ears, I tend to believe that dreams of those who've passed can only occur once our own minds are open to it.

    This means that you've reached that point, and congrats on the accomplishment.

    Allow for your own assumptions and projections to influence what you believe to be true. For instance, you attributed an amount of effort given to each person to deplete the ability of your Nan to convey energy over time.

    So the imprint of a photo for one before another may have more to do with the amount of energy you've assigned to the spirit rather than the actual message that a lack of photo conveys. It could also mean that your Nan allowed for the frame to contain your Mom's choice of content rather than speaking FOR her.

    I'd pay more attention to the benevolent and loving feelings you enjoyed from the dream rather than attempting to split hairs on meanings lower than that.

    Congrats on your lovely experience.


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