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Thread: Ex suddenly turned disrespectful

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    Platinum Member Blue68's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    After 7 months, he most likely doesn't want to be dealing with these kinds of questions and emotions.

    Glad you realise it's time to leave him be.

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    Apr 2016
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    For your own peace, sanity and well being, it wold be best to delete and block him and all his people from all your social media, messaging apps, and devices. That way you can reflect, move forward and be happy.

    My advice about him/this situation remains the same: [Register to see the link]
    Originally Posted by SweetPotatoe
    After 7 months since the breakup happened I got treated like that from him for the first time yesterday and I was speechless cuz it was like I was facing a total different person plus I felt taken for granted big time...

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    Ex suddenly turned disrespectful
    The key word in your scenario is 'ex'. Once someone becomes an 'ex,' the healthiest thing for YOU to grasp is that they become irrelevant.

    Skip your focus on nonsense and put it on YOUR future, instead. Don't live in your past.

    Head high.

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