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Thread: Broken heart

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    Originally Posted by Shmina29
    I thank you all for the great advice. I just was hurt by this because he always made himself to be a upfront and transparent person. But I was fooled in the end. I felt like she was only kind of contacting me to get some sort of information. I feel they were dealing with each other for the whole time. He would invite me over constantly but always leave the room number plus of times so a lot of the time I was at his house I was by myself while he was on the phone. If he like her soooo much why bother me? Why have me on the side? Why talk negative about a girl you are so interested in? Was it to throw me off I assume. Like why waste me damn time? He knew what he was doing this entire time. It hurt to feel he chose her over me and I keep thinking what I did wrong to make him do that.
    Follow your gut instincts. If it sounds, smells, feels fishy, it probably is. The more you dwell on this the more you're wasting your time on someone who didn't give you the time of day.

    Yes, it sounds like they were in cahoots. And yes, it sounds like it was probably a game or something to one up each other. There are all kinds of people there.

    You're hurt. That is ok and it's your instincts telling you what they're doing is wrong/dumb/idiotic and even hurtful and shows lack of conscience for others or compassion. All round psychopaths.

    Take it as a lesson though.

    How did you meet him?

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    I'm sorry this happened, but I'd refuse to participate in their little games, as this is simply giving them the upper hand. The writing is on the wall, he's demonstrated what he's all about, and obviously a friend to no one.

    Give yourself the gift of walking away with your head held high, and leave them on their little playground.

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