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Thread: Should I call back?.....

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    So this is how I do it.

    I call and if it goes to voicemail I leave this simple message. "Hi ______, This is Lost from ENA. Looks like I missed you, I will try back again another time" I don't ask them to call me back because then I am waiting on them which is not good.

    Now even though I didn't tell them to call me back many times if the woman is really interested they will return my call, if not I don't get all negative about it.

    If I had called towards the morning I might try again that same day when I know they are available to talk (after work or at lunch) or I will call the next day. If they still do not answer I leave this message "Looks like I missed you again, if you are still interested in getting to know each other better give me a call"

    Then I leave it at that. I don't feel weak or like I have lost some imagined power in the non existent relationship, I simply make the effort and show interest in talking on the phone to see where things might go. Then ultimately the ball is in their court. If they call back great, if they don't then I know they are no longer interested. Time to move on and I have only invested a very small amount of mental real estate on the whole thing. It works remarkably well for me and will probably work well for you too. If a woman is texting me sometimes I just dial their number in the middle of the exchange which usually throws them off guard. They comment that most guys do not do that and hide behind texts and respond time games.

    If you play games then you are where many people end up which is wondering what happened or why this or why that? Be in control of your own destiny in dating as much as possible and put your ego back in the dark closet where it belongs.


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    Platinum Member Lambert's Avatar
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    May 2012
    Originally Posted by Sixersfan234
    Your ridiculous...

    1. After I gave her my number she texted me at 10:30 at night.. it was late, and both of us were about to go to sleep.. I told her Iíd give her a call the next day... something came up, so I didnít call her until 6... itís a phone call... not a date....

    2. The fact that you think I have to be super aggressive with a women I never even met is crazy... I called.. she didnít pick up.. just because I didnít leave a voice mail doesnít mean Iím not into her...
    I'm ridiculous?

    You're posting on a forum about this same woman that you never met! but calling twice is super aggressive.

    if you're into her, keep trying... If not, drop it.

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    Jan 2007
    Thread has run its course...Closed.

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