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Thread: Italian boyfriend

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    When the "where do we live" does not involve two different towns, but expects that one person repatriates completely - a 1 year relationship is not enough. The other question is, would you really want a marriage where your husband is away 10 months out of the year? You would basically live as a single mother. And he is on a cruise ship with lovely young ladies, which could be a temptation or "wife won't know" or might not be a threat, but would sneak into your mind when you are pregnant and feeling like a whale (even though in reality you look great). you may not legally be allowed to work in Italy or would not be very employable not knowing the language and if you stayed in the UK and visited for those 2 months he was free, the marriage may eventually end when he decides to do something different and still doesn't want to leave Italy.

    If you are so set on this guy, go another year or two with him - no marriage, visits when schedules match and see how you feel about him.

    An if he's controlling? YOu don't deserve that

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    Originally Posted by Wiseman2
    Before you try to convince him to move to the UK, you may want to watch this clip on an interesting phenomenon of the "Mammoni"
    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Just watched it. You made my day. It was so freakin funny.

    Honestly that was epic. If you are not a Mediterranean it is difficult to get it. Oh boy, that was a good laugh.
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    Originally Posted by LaHermes
    That is perhaps the best post I have ever read on the topic. It should be made a banner at the top of this forum. Yes, the shared vision, the shared goals. The hard facts exactly as you present them DF. The absolute essentials.
    Then, not so oddly, the hobbies and leisure activities, shared or separate, become part of that tapestry and not a source of contention.
    I wholeheartedly agree with you LaHermes. I took a screen shot of it!

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