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Thread: Lockdown mental health

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    Originally Posted by Rb1980
    Oh no, I mean I can certainly go out and do those things and I have been doing lots of exercise, as well as taking walks to do my shopping etc. I just mean that even when doing those things my mind seems locked on the situation with the ex.
    A couple of weeks back, it wasn't and if would do my workouts, my course and more without giving her a thought but now it seems to have started again.
    Yes- allow the thoughts- and control your reaction by focusing on your breath while you exercise or what you can see/how your body feels - the thoughts will get bored of crowding your head space and go off into the periphery. You're having this cycle where you overanalyze "why" you are having these thoughts which perpetuates them crowding you. If you have a nonsensical dream and wake up thinking about it then I bet you let the thoughts exist, you go about your day and eventually they dissipate. Same here.

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    What you feel is normal. I think it took me more than a year to move on from one of my exes. Lol! What’s important is you acknowledge your realities and I can sense you’re eager to help yourself. Relapse is okay but just continue to push forward. Follow their advice on exercise and going outdoors. Try to catch a sunrise - it gives a sense of hope and clarity.

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