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Thread: Iím so fed up

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    Iím so fed up

    Iím a little down atm. Iím moving house tomorrow and the one Iím leaving is beautiful. And the one Iím moving too not so much. I had to leave because itís been sold and due to coronavirus Iíve ended up getting the best thing I could find at the last minute. Which Iím not buzzing about.

    Iíve had a rough time. I donít need sympathy. My ex left me 14 month ago and itís been rough. Iím not over her and Iím seriously bitter sometimes about her new relationship. Itís hard seeing her move on. We have a child so we must talk regularly.

    She came round earlier to see our child and she mentioned about her planning a move soon hopefully. And I just feel like because Iím not where I want to be in life. Her work will take off again whenís sheís back in and her boyfriend has just been promoted. And together they are going to find a beautiful home most likely. Meanwhile Iím stuck in a decent job which I donít like all the time because I work long hours and usually Away from home for a week with nearly no interaction as I work alone. Different cities everyday different faces.

    Iím so jealous and bitter. I want to be happy for her but I canít. Sheís constantly calls my HIS name which hurts and infuriates me. We were together for a long time and i feel insulted that she calls me the name of a man sheís known a year.

    So currently Iím sat in the midst of packing, house full of boxes, leaving a house I donít want to leave, into a house I donít want to move in too. I feel like I have nothing going for me in all honesty. I miss her so much and I wish I could be happy for her but sometimes I feel like I want her to hurt just like I have been doing for over a year.

    After all this times I never thought it would still feel like this. Why canít I just get a grip and stop collapsing into a corner in sadness and frustration whenever I encounter a hard time?


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    I'm sorry you're going through this. My divorce was my choice, but of course I also experienced a lot of grief in my transition out of that stage of life. A book that really helped me in thinking of my goals and to achieve a better mindset was The Key by Rhonda Byrne. It's premise is asking the universe for what you want and you will receive that, which sounds like nonsense, but it really consists of much more than that.

    Think about your psychology of words, saying you're stuck in your job. In reality, you're not. Better to think it's the job you have now that is paying the bills and giving you the needed experience to get a better, more satisfying career in the future.

    You can be taking steps to research other jobs you could do in your field, and if that's not feasible, think of continuing education you could take to achieve a fulfilling career elsewhere.

    Begin thinking that if your child's mother is happy and financially secure, that's what's best for your child.

    Retraining your brain doesn't happen overnight. It takes regular practice.

    So many of us have gone through similar situations. You will get through it as we all do, and will eventually find, with effort, the particular path in life that will bring you great joy and satisfaction. Hard to imagine now, but you will appreciate your life that much more after plummeting to the lower depths.

    For now, do at least one thing a day that will bring you happiness, no matter how brief or simple. Take care.

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    I know this may seem impossible but the key to success is positive thinking. Looking at the bright side of things is a start. Do daily affirmation, list 10 things everyday that you are thankful for. When I'm feeling lost, I think of others that are way worse off than me, and be grateful I have my health, a job, and a roof over my head. In other words stop wallowing in mystery...14 months is way too long. It's time. Time for change and making the best of it. Chin up go forward.

    If you need a cheerleader, find a life coach to be in contact with...they will give you positive pep talks, help get you in the right state of mind.


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