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I didn't read your other thread, but your poor self esteem is so obvious when you'd let a man lead how things go without any input from yourself. When you lack self love, you will attract bullies, abusers, and manipulators, apparently what your former post speaks of.

In an average relationship, by the four month mark, I think most couples would be meeting at least a few times per week. If a person works such extreme hours that you sometimes only see them a few time a month, why choose a companionship this measly when you're not even in love yet? If you'd like a bf who actually has time for you, only date guys who can provide this.

Be alone and work on your self esteem before attempting dating again. You'll know you're ready when you can think: I'm the treasure, and if a guy doesn't treat me like one, he won't remain in my life.
Amen to your last paragraph, Andrina!

I feel like its common for people to somehow justify a crap relationship or crap person, blaming themselves. Thoughts of, 'if I were better, this person would be better to me'

And its simply not true.. how a person is to you, is how they are.

This guy is a poop show, but OP doesn't want to be alone. Which is understandable. Humans need other humans... but time spent with the wrong guy or gal, is time that could be better spent being open to finding new, fun, happy people that actually give a flip and ASK WHAT WE WANT, FEEL, THINK, LIKE ETC.