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Thread: Broke my own heart again.

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    Originally Posted by DancingFool
    I'm sorry but this is such a goofy immature game you are playing. She is OK about what? You do realize she is an adult capable of taking care of herself and her own life, right? Are you ok is a stupid and pointless question to be asking over and over and there is no real answer to it other than "fine, thanks." Like what are you doing to yourself? Stop. Just stop. You are both playing this same stupid game of pinging each other with pointless questions and remarks and for what? All you are doing is keeping yourself stuck in drama. Block, delete, be done.

    Give yourself an actual chance to heal and move on. This is beyond ridiculous, all this pretense and games you are both playing. It's literally whose d is bigger and who can guilt trip the other one how and one upping each other. Toxic doesn't even begin to define this. Get your head screwed on straight and get off this already and get over yourself. You don't have that much power over anyone and she is literally playing with your ego, pulling strings and punishing you for dumping her. What a pal.... Block and delete and stop fooling yourself. Are you OK...my arse.....
    Dancing fool gives some of the best advice on this forum. It may be presented in a blunt way but it's all true. I had several issues and the advice given by them really resonated. Sometimes I didn't want to hear it but once I read it and actioned it. It worked.
    Take the advice posted and use it!

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    its simple why do you want to be in contact when you want to go no contact? why do you care so much about what she thinks or whether she respects your wishes?
    You need to concentrate on your life now, let her do whatever she feels like, for your own well being cut her off completely from life.
    No social media - facebook instagram snapchat etc , no whatsapp , phone calls, sms block everywhere.
    Try that for one week then continue for another, you will feel little better i can bet someday you will feel all the power coming back to you but for that you need to stay away.
    Any contact now will just screw your head and heart so much that one day you will feel that you should not have contacted at all.

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