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Thread: Is this Barista interested in me?

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    Mar 2010
    Sounds like she's just doing her job. I have received similar treatment through the years from people I've seen everyday. I used to work nights and every night I left, the parking attendant and I would sing together the same line from a certain stupid song as he scanned my parking card. I don't know how it started but we kept it going for a couple years and it always made me smile. We were just 2 regular people doing our jobs and we had a pattern.

    Appreciate the kind gesture and the familiarity and leave it at that

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    Same as Fudgie. Our Starbucks just opened for take out. The same woman hands me my items and is very solicitous -offers me wipes, keeps her distance, etc. Because of the virus I add my tip on the app (there is still a tip jar but I actually have very little cash/avoid handing cash because of the virus) - so she doesn't even know if/what I will tip. I really appreciate her!

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    In my experience workers at Starbucks are trained to be extra polite to their customers. In fact, the times I've been to one, they asked me how my day was going and general chitchat. Most orders are labelled with someone's name on it.

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    Enjoy the coffee and fantasy ☕


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