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Thread: Is everything I do wrong?

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    Is everything I do wrong?

    Ok so let me start by say there is a pretty big age gap but tbh I don't think it should play that big of a part, I'm 38 and he's 29. We met about a year ago, he was living in a halfway house fresh outta prison, I have always had this thing for the "bad boys". When we first got together as with all relationships it was pretty good as a matter of fact it was pretty good for a while, yes we had our stupid fights here and there but that's just part of getting to know someone and getting use to new things if we all did the samethings the same way what would be the point life would be pretty borings. Here's my problem it seems like no matter what happens it's always my fault he can never be wrong he's never sorry he can never admit when he's wrong or messes up, when someone else gets mad it's becuz of something I done to piss them off, example " I ask to many questions" What?!? Ok fine whatever I guess. So another thing, he'll be all pissed off for whatever reason there is this time and he'll ask me to do something like go get food "ok babe sure, what do u want to eat?" ..... " Babe?" ..... "Is McDonald's ok"? Next thing ik I'm so stupid why don't I just leave him alone? He has a habit of lying to me after the dumbest ever that for real if he was just honest there wouldn't be a problem. He tries to make me feel like I'm crazy tells me that I'm wrong how things happened or that I never had that $20 bill I must of spent it somewhere when I had never left the room other then to go to the bathroom, ik I'm not perfect and yes I make mistakes I alot but alot of the times I'm ing about stupid stuff he's done that he knows is gonna piss me off to begin with and yet he does them anyways. I feel like I'm fighting a loosing battle. I love him and I don't want to give up on us but I have no clue what to do. I can't talk to him to tell him how I feel becuz he shuts down most the time and that makes me upset and we just fight even more. I feel lost and confused and apparently always wrong

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