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Thread: He went from being completely needy to just ghosting me . What happened?

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    He went from being completely needy to just ghosting me . What happened?

    For the past 4 weeks I have been going on dates with a guy I met in a grocery store in March. At first i was a little skeptical because hes a tad bit older but not by much.

    On our first date we met up at Dairy Queen. We talked for three hours , he did majority of the talking.

    He asked me out for a second date a few days later and the second date he cooked and made cookies for us at his house we cuddled and watched movies.

    We had a 3rd date and we ended up having sex. Ever since the third date hes been acting weird. When i come over he will ask me

    why didnt you give me a hug when you came in? Why dont you bring a second pair of clothes over so you can spend the night? Can you come get comfortable with me?, Do you want me to do this or that? Can you come over? And if i say Im busy today hell ask can he come pick me up if Im tired, Do you miss me? Its like he asks me questions non stop And Im not sure if Im giving him signs that Im not interested

    The other day when i came over he was on the game playing COD with his friends and he asked me do you want me to get off that game?

    And i said no Im fine you can finish playing

    Ww were laying in bed last night and he asked me

    what did you do today?

    And i said i went downtownand he said whos downtown? Your boo? I looked at him and said no and he said i mean if you do have others your talking to i cant get mad
    The day after this conversation which was ...

    Last Wednesday ...i texted him that morning and he hasnt said a word to me or responded.. he hasnt called me back or texted me or anything

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    Platinum Member Rose Mosse's Avatar
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    Mar 2019
    Only four weeks, a handful of dates and this level of awkwardness!

    Is he fresh out of a previous relationship? I ask because he seems unusually tense/nervous and his behaviour is hot/cold.

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    Okay so he has two kids but his second child is only 7 months. His ex planned to have a baby and they were together for 3 years. He said they broke up around Christmas and it was bad. She apparently asked him to move out and tried to take their child from him and now she has a new man

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    Platinum Member melancholy123's Avatar
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    May 2015
    Ontario Canada
    What a mess. He's got a wife or gf, he's got 2 kids, one just a wee baby and they recently broke up. How is this going to develop into a good relationship? It's not. He's got a ton of baggage, kids, an ex...plus he seems terribly needy. Let this one go, you can find a guy who's available and not encumbered.


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    No hes single. Broke up around Christmas. He ghosted me i was wondering why

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    Platinum Member Clio's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    Originally Posted by GapBanded9
    No hes single. Broke up around Christmas. He ghosted me i was wondering why
    He ghosted you because he is insecure to the point of feeling paranoid i.e. not in a state of mind to maintain a healthy relationship. He wants someone to constantly soothe his insecurities and be an emotional band-aid to his break up trauma instead of doing the hard work of healing himself on his own. You were not being a good enough crutch so he ghosted you. The fact that he ghosted you speaks volumes about the kind of guy he is. You should thank your lucky stars that you were not further entangled into his mess of a life and move on.

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    Aug 2016
    Perhaps he's gotten back together with his ex, OP.

    I would steer clear of this guy. He's got too much on his plate with a recent break-up and a baby, and he's needy to the point of being awkward. What attracted you to this?

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    Gold Member Spawn's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    dejavu feeling
    quite similar thread here
    [Register to see the link]

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    He was not initially needy. We had sex and i saw another side. I assumed he liked me until he ghosted me

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    What exactly is he paranoid about ?

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