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Thread: Please someone give me feedback

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    Anyone who puts his hands on a woman is certainly NOT sweet and kind. Give your head a shake. I think you'd be better off alone with your son than with a man who abuses you. What are you thinking?

    What if your son is the other guy's child? Is he going to leave his gf for you? Will he provide financial support for your son? You will need a lawyer at some point to sort this all out and receive support for your child. Getting Ready for a First Date

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    Get away from the abusive bf. This is dangerous for you and your child.

    You need to get therapy and not date for a long while. You are not ready for a relationship after a long-term abusive relationship. Also, what makes you think the other guy is a great catch if he is cheating on his gf. Your picker is way off when it comes to men. Do right by your child, this is where your focus should be.

    Move in with family if necessary.

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