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Thread: Moving with a dog

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    Originally Posted by Wiseman2
    This is a huge mistake. A prospective landlord does not want to love or adopt your dog. If you want success, think like a landlord, not like a puppy. In other words all they care about is that your pet does not trash the place, disturb neighbors, etc. Enlist the help of a realtor or look on craigs list to find privately rented options. A dog would do better in a situation with a yard Apts are horrible places for dogs. Also why are you not filtering for 'pet friendly'?
    My building has a dog run and is pet friendly - I am not happy with certain of the pet owners and have hated being in harms way, enduring messes and barking middle of the night but apartments can be awesome places for dogs. We also live down the block from a huge park with two dog runs.

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    Why can't you move in with him since he's already living there with a dog? How big is the dog? What breed? As long as you take care of it, and it's not a complex where they don't allow dogs, most places just take a pet deposit. I would have him look, so he can feel the pain looking. Don't fret. Or if you're living with parents, save up for another year. Trust me, moving in together will NOT get you married faster. In fact, it does the opposite. But loving that dog, and accepting that dog as family, definitely will. Always wait till you have a wedding date before moving into together.

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