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Thread: Irrational hate of husband golfing

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    May 2016
    He is an individual, not just your husband. He had a life before you came along and he still should now.

    This jealousy thing you've got going on, sounds more like control and not accepting him being happy without you being involved. That's not love, that's prison.

    What can you do about it? Ease back. Loosen the grip. Find a way to be okay with him being happy with his own interests/hobbies that don't include you. Change your focus more to your own interests/hobbies and friends.

    You two aren't attached at the hip. It is healthy for you and he to have not only your time together but also your time apart.

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    Aug 2016
    Not freaking out when your husband goes golfing isn't what being a "cool wife" is all about. That's simply him being human and having hobbies.

    What does your own social life look like? How much time do you and your husband spend together in general?

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    Jan 2016
    Has someone cheated on you in the past? Are you worried that when he's not with you he'll find someone "better"?

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