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Thread: Dating during corona is HARD

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    Originally Posted by Billie28
    This guy is taking the piss out of your bio , saying you won’t message first.

    Look at what he initially messaged you with ??! A “cool” emoji.
    And that’s all it took to get you to actually message him first lol

    Your bio is rude. But worse than that it says you are high maintenance.

    However , since his cool emoji , you have been doing the chasing!?!
    Asking him to FaceTime you , following his Instagram etc

    He is having a laugh at your expense.

    And really online what girl has to say a guy needs to message first. They always do anyway !!!
    How is that rude? I don't think when women do the messaging first it doesnt always give the right impression of us. Makes us come across as too forward/easy sometimes. Is it so bad I'm only trying to be cautious of how I come across? Damn.

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    Instead of playing hard to get and pretending to be not overly attached, do distract yourself with other interests, work and friends so you don't get so emotionally invested in someone you don't really know. Otherwise you can be setting yourself up for major disappointment.

    I second that there is no need to say you don't message first in your profile. If you don't feel like messaging first, just don't.

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