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Thread: Dumped during lockdown

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    Sorry to hear this. It's not about you. You tried to sincerely whether this corona thing and navigate it with the normal concerns and measures. He is simply not relationship material and under pressure he decompensates seriously with drinking, lying, cheating, conspiracy theories, etc. In fact it sounds like you dodged a bullet.
    Originally Posted by Annie1055
    I was left with feeling so bad about myself and maybe even believing him about it being my fault , like maybe I should have tried harder not to speak about mum even the first time , or show disappointment about not spending time together when isolation eases! But your comments have helped me realise that these feelings and needs are NORMAL and I didnít do anything wrong by expressing them !
    😊😊😊 thank you x

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    Thanks for everyoneís response. Hoping to let this thread die now as I overlooked the bit it terms and conditions that say free users canít delete posts and think Iíve put way to much sensitive info that I wouldnít have put if I didnít think it was deletable !
    Totally my fault for missing it as most forums allow for sensible topics to be deleted so Iím hoping this thread now dies and gets lost amongst all the others !
    Thanks for your comments

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    Originally Posted by Annie1055
    Hi and thank you both for your input!
    Holly just to clear up any misunderstanding, Iíve not stalked him and apart from replying to two text messages on the first day of our breakup, Iíve not reached out or spoke to him since which Is why Iím so confused why he chose to block me since I wasnít contacting him and, despite the first few days being rough, realised by day three that I actually didnít want him back, just wanted to understand what happened and how as it totally blindsided me as I didnít see it coming !
    I only checked to see if he was on a online dating app because of what he said before breaking up with me, it was more For seeking answers and settling my curiosity! I didnít contact him on there or anywhere else at any stage , despite him saying he would like to stay in touch ! Thatís why it was so like a slap in the face to find myself blocked , after all I usually hear people block people when they behave like crazy exís , stalking, nagging, constant messaging and begging ! Ive done none of this nor wanted to, I just wanted to know why it happened , not because I want the guy back as heís lost my trust for ever now !
    Annie, I made that comment, as you went on the website. I probably would have done the same. I misunderstood, I thought you were continuing to follow him on there. Sorry.

    Terrible he ended things by text.

    Next time, do not look for a man that is a project, but one who can support you and give as much as you are.

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    Hi Holly,
    Itís fine , I just wanted answers really , thatís all I went on there for and deleted myself straight away !
    Glad heís gone and itís over , just wanted some confirmation that it wasnít me !


  6. 05-17-2020, 03:31 PM

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    Super Moderator annie24's Avatar
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    Oct 2004
    Honestly, he sounds like a jerk and you're better off without him. I am so sorry that he's acting like this. I think that the lockdown has in an interesting way shown what people are all about.

    Hugs, hang in there.

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    Jan 2016
    Originally Posted by Annie1055
    A few days later and out of curiosity after his comment whilst drunk about online women, I signed up to a well own dating site to see if he was there and he was! Touting for women , how he knew how to treat a woman and looking anything but depressed!
    I didnít contact him but a day later he blocked me on WhatsApp and his phone !
    I imagine that while he was trawling for other women he spotted your profile and was angry that you were playing him at his own game! Good riddance to him - you can do without someone like that in your life.

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    One thing that I think shows what kind of person he is (plus other things) is that after a year together, he basically just ghosted you. He didn't have the guts to call/ video call and just sent a very vague text. He supposedly dumped you because you're too stressed and it brings him down? It sounds like you literally did nothing wrong and he just made up some b.s. excuse so he could put the blame on you! Does he think after a year relationship you deserve zero explanation! Just briefly texted you, straight away went on online dating, then blocked you on everything. Total coward!

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