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Thread: Dad cheating on mom?

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    Talk to him. This is circumstantial. Taking 11 yrs ago is no good but you have proof of nothing.
    Originally Posted by skyman
    Update: I noticed my dad has probably had this account since year 2009. The website says that he has logged more than 1400 hours by chatting, so approximately 20 minutes a day. I also noticed that at this site, he has a female friend added, who joined the site at the same day my dad did. Any thoughts, suggestions about it?

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    Originally Posted by skyman
    Im sorry, but I dont get your point. I know it is not polite to snoop around, but isnt that a little bit weird? Cheating for 10 years and you are blaming me for snooping around?
    Your father isnít here talking to us ,you are. Why would I advise you to keep doing something wrong that youíre already doing. Your parents private relationship is not your business. When you get married are your parents allowed to interfere between you and your wife?

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