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Thread: Starting A Book Club - Kindle Vs A Real Book

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    Starting A Book Club - Kindle Vs A Real Book

    Hey yaíll!

    Hope everyone is well with whatís going on with, yíknow, THE VIRUS!

    I donít mean to be sarcastic or disrespectful, but I am officially through with being so depressingly serious for so long I must release some cheeky humour into my life again!

    Bit of background to my trivial debate! I want your opinion on this, fellow readers, book lovers, fans of the written word!

    I adore books - always have done and always will! Always wanted to be part of a book club. I imagined a group of kindered weirdos like myself, from all different walks of life, like this secret societal underground meeting (kinda gonna be underground when the lockdown lifts because I am hosting our first meet up in the basement sub garden room, oh yes, with tipples)!

    I went ahead and gathered a few new Mum friends, by a few I mean two - itís bleak, because apparently no one has time anymore to read or no one wants too. I was already feeling a bit depressed by this point but grateful for my two little bookies and on we go. First girl picks, we all order the thing and they just drop in casually yes, kindle this and yes, audio book that. Now I am really depressed.

    So here we go guys, another thing that doesnít matter to anyone else but is practically do or die to me - am I crazy, or are Kindles the devil? And am I crazy, but isnít it a bit insane that no one is gonna be reading a book when we are in a book club?!

    I know, I hear you, the irony of me writing and reading on here, virtual, blog like - I have an online journal, I get it, I get it!!! But I also keep a diary, a physical one, and, my book shelves are brimming. Itís not a snob thing, but I love the physical object of a book like an old friend and I need it there, sitting there as a reminder of the time and future times we will have. Itís like music to me - I remember exactly when and where I was when I first read a book I love and I link a good book to a certain time in my life.

    Iím not even going to get started on the experience of holding a book, of snuggling down with one under the covers, of propping one up, half damp, in a steam filled bath. The weird intimacy of holding a second hand book and seeing where someone has chosen to fold over the corner of a page or even annotate. The smell. The delicate yet sharp sound of a thin page turning.

    And then thereís... swallow... the EBOOK. I canít even type everything I feel is wrong with them. Okay ja, they have their merits in some small ways Iím sure and YES, if you were an author and 80% of your sales were going to come from ebooks surely you would have too... no, you would not, by the way.

    IĎm an old romantic. I deal with technology when I have too, it doesnít mean I want it or I like it. A book club full of kindles has got my back up. We need a dictatorship here, a dictatorship that says book club is for books people, not screens! By the way, these people arenít blind or disabled, they can hold and understand a book. My question is why, WHY!? Why would you chose fake plastic flowers when you could have a bouquet of real ones?!

    I get further and further into modern life and I donít want it. Iím 30 now with two children and becoming a real crank. I saw an interview with Elon Musk and I donít want any of it. He started talking about plugging into the virtual reality or something and I just freaked out and checked out at that point. I am inside my Georgian house here holing myself up against this horrible, inevitable, freaking bionic future or whatever the fig.

    But now! For my request!!!! Let the anger begin! If anyone wants to reply - whatís your opinion? Do you love a Kindle? Do you hate them? Indifferent? Am I the savage here?

    Maybe I need to be more politically correct and inclusive? A bit of vomit has just risen up my throat.

    Hope youíre all well and still own a few books or I am gonna die.

    Lo x

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    Mar 2016
    I have a lot of books and very little space. I thought I'd never go the route of the kindle (or nook), but not long ago I was seriously considering it.

    I'm like up to my armpits in books. The simple act of cleaning this apartment is like solving a 4x4 sliding puzzle. And books are a b*tch to move.

    But I never caved in to my impulse to buy the kindle. I don't know if I ever will.

    One thing I really like about books (besides the tactile experience of reading them) is the fact that they're not blasting light into my eyeballs.

    My boyfriend has a kindle and he reads comic books on it. THAT is really cool. Kindles and comics work well together.

    Computer screens don't bother my boyfriend's eyes, though.

    As for books on tape... I enjoyed one once. It was called In the Kingdom of Ice and it was fantastic.

    I probably never would have read it in book form. But the audio book was perfect for the long, mindless drives that I was making during that time.


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