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Thread: To write an apology or not.

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    Platinum Member Rose Mosse's Avatar
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    Mar 2019
    Hi Jake, yes, please join in. Take care of yourself. Share some of your thoughts in the other threads too.

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    Platinum Member Cherylyn's Avatar
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    Mar 2019
    Correction: "I shouldn't have sent her an apologetic letter (email)." I merely wasted my thoughts on a person who doesn't matter to me anymore. I'm in the mindset where I don't want to be pathetic. If other people are busy enjoying their lives, I want to enjoy mine, too so lately, I've been concentrating and focusing on myself.

    Other people don't care about you. This a harsh reality check. Get busy fulfilling your life. No more "woe is me" mindset.

    There are times when I'm extremely busy with my own life and self-absorbed in a healthy way that I'm either too exhausted or I don't have any brain space left for anyone else. Emulate me and you'll feel more content and secure with your life. You ought to try it. It works!

    Obsessing over people from your past only depresses and frets you. They're not worth it. They're not expending any thoughts whatsoever into you so return the favor and do likewise.

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    Member NightFairy12's Avatar
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    May 2020
    I think it’s never a bad time to take responsibility even if you just say “thank you” as in the experience taught you some lessons. I received a card in the mail from an ex I had broken up with who put me through some things. A letter is less pressure than text or call. Because of that card I was able to put the past behind us and we are now on decent terms if I saw him on the street it wouldn’t be awkward. I say go for it, god forbid something happened would you regret what wasn’t said? Most people do.

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    Member JakeJakerson's Avatar
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    Apr 2020
    Originally Posted by NightFairy12
    I think it’s never a bad time to take responsibility even if you just say “thank you” as in the experience taught you some lessons ... I say go for it, god forbid something happened. Would you regret what wasn’t said? Most people do.
    I already regret a lot that wasn't said or done but, as many have already stated, it would be selfish of me to bring up the past where it isn't wanted: between her and her new man. If, for whatever reason, she decides to contact me, maybe then, after some time, I would thank her for the gift of helping me realize I wasn't living my best life before or once we were together. Sure, the breakup has shown me my flaws and shortcomings, but I think the greatest thanks I can show for it is leaving her to her own life without me like she wants.

    I was the person who showed her that she deserved more than what was given, and all I can do is put the person I was yesterday to shame by being better to myself and someone else. I still can't bring myself to put blame on her for any of the hardships for I was the reason for many of her tears. However, I can at least see that she was an anxious, jealous, and lost soul trying to find her way in the world through someone other than herself which brought about her worries and insecurities that lead to those tears through me.

    I hope that, in some way, I was able to help her when times were good and that through the bad she realized what was missing within herself.


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