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Thread: Best friend is obsessed with her bf - should I give up on this friendship?

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    He's a wimp if he lets her lord over him. Parents are still trading off their kids as mandated by the court in most states - as long as they are being passed from quarnatined parent to quarantine parent except if one of them is a front line healthcare worker. I would stop calling and texting her. She doesnt have time for the friendship

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    Thank you all so much for your advice and sharing your experiences! It means a lot to me and gave me more insight. My friend and I really have grown apart and reading these responses has been so helpful. And the user calling me jealous, overly obsessed and too involved, please know that is not the case and youve misunderstood me here! That was my best friend and naturally any person will worry for their loved ones. While she is definitely not in a better place, her new therapist is her bf now. He can most definitely be my guest and have that role.

    Ive realized this friendship cant work anymore and will be leaving. Thanks again everyone. I appreciate it.

    Originally Posted by Hollyj
    There is a reason that she only has two friends.
    You're right... I always felt bad for her and thought it must be so awful to have every friendship you've ever made turn out bad and being so alone. However, with time I've learned that unfortunately it's her herself that cannot manage friendships in a healthy way. It's her that was always the common denominator, and it's her who has ruined yet another friendship once again. Thanks again.

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