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Thread: Social Media

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    Originally Posted by bluecastle
    Certainly sounds funny, all this.

    My personal attitude toward social media is that I am really, really turned off by people who want to use it "lock things down" quickly, or to turn the inherently fragile (and fun!) business of getting to know someone romantically into a performance. So someone eager to photograph, tag, and flaunt in the early daysówell, not my thing. No judgement, just not going to be a good match, and I've had to make that clear once or twice.

    That said, what strikes me as peculiar here is that he gets angry when you bring it up. It's been three years! If he has some kind of legitimate reasonsówell, he should be able to tell you, clearly and calmly. That he just gets upset? Not cool. Whatever his reasons, that's a pretty clear display of not really taking you, and your feelings, seriously.

    All in all, I think you have to ask yourself: Is this enough? Three years is enough time to know what you're going to getóand not getófrom another person inside a relationship. My impression here is that you want much, much more than you're getting, and that what you want is hardly a moonshot.
    I don't think this is about "social media" per se -it's a person acting shady about his personal life with his significant other.

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    Originally Posted by Batya33
    I don't think this is about "social media" per se -it's a person acting shady about his personal life with his significant other.
    Agreed, a million percent.

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    I met a guy online from another state. We each flew interstate and met up about 6 times, were texting & talking on the phone all the time, he had plans to move to my state for work.
    He said he didnt have social media as he didnt like it. I had no reason not to believe him.
    While trying to add a new friend on FB on my mobile it said that his mobile number had a FB account. I looked, and there he was, with his wife.

    I was devastated.

    When he finally answered my call after texting him, he said it was my fault for snooping. WTH?

    He was seperated, but still living in the house together, he was sleeping in the spare room. His Wife's profile did have "complicated" as her status, so it looks like that part was true.

    I blocked him instantly, and will never do long distance again.

    He is hiding something, and you need to protect yourself and leave him.

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    Skip the social media argument and confront him directly about why you're a secret over all .
    Originally Posted by Lamu2020
    I recently talked about the whole social media thing and he got upset which made me realize nothings going to change


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