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Thread: 2 year relationship over

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    Lying, cheating, loser. I don't get the appeal?! He is bottom of the barrel, of course you find better if you do not date another guy who cheats and freeloads.

    The next time someone cheats early on, be done with them.

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    Honey, what you miss is a lazy lump on the couch whose main purpose was to give you the illusion you weren't alone. But if you were doing *everything* for him and he was a liar/cheat/non-contributing, then you really were alone *and* were being used and just didn't know it.

    I was married to a lazy lump on the couch and it is indeed hard to adjust, BUT you are far better off without him because now you are free to find someone who does treat you well and doesn't use you. There's an adjustment period because he was like a bad habit and it takes a while to get over a habit, but you will be fine once you adjust.

    Get yourself a new pet to focus on! A dog is a great companion that loves you no matter what, and if you don't want to take on that responsibility, choose a cat or some other pet that will allow you to not feel alone in your house. Really, it does help a lot to get you through this transition period while you get over him. Because it will pass and you'll do fine once you realize that.

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    Thanks everyone ou are all so kind I know if this had happened to a friend i would be saying the same thing my brain can be vicious sometimes I hate myself for allowing myself to be treated like that but I know in the future I'll look back and know it was the right decision

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    This is what life is all about...learning from our mistakes. This will prepare you to not be a doormat, but to standup for yourself, know your self worth, and know deal breakers don't mean forgiveness but a kick to the curb.


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