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Thread: 6 months later, still not over her. Worry I won't find anyone better.

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    Apr 2016
    I have the same thoughts of my ex with someone else. My mind obsesses and before I know it I have made some fantasy up in my head and Iím panicking

    I try to keep busy on things to take my mind off of it but thatís also hard. I find myself wanting to think about it.

    Try listening to break up recovery podcasts thereís some decent ones out there and on YouTube

    Journaling is also good, write how you feel etc just let it out.

    Do workouts at home, since covid I swear I have never been as busy as I am now, I do a workout in the morning or a run, and a hour walk in the evening, catch up with people I havnt spoke to for a while, and Iím on the dating ups just to keep busy and talk to new people

    My thoughts as slowly starting to fade but I also worry I wonít find someone who hooks me. It took me 10 odd years to find my now ex but what can you do about it! Just have to keep going

    Good luck

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    Jan 2006
    you need to be patient with yourself accept that whatever you are going through is normal so dont beat yourself over it, feel the pain and start doing small workouts each day, introduce yoga early morning, journalling , doing small bit of self care like just cleaning of house, working up on a routine each day will definitely help.
    Ultimately one day you will have control over your thoughts but it takes baby steps each day, its gradual process but only you can help yourself here.
    Have you thought about rearranging your house furnitures see if you can work on a different look for your place, may be buy that new curtains bed sheets anything, give it a fresh look sometimes seeing the same stuff each day just adds to your mental state too.

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    Jun 2020
    Afternoon Buddy,

    I know your pain as im going through something similar to the point it feels like I wrote this myself! I haven't bumped into my ex since we split, however like yourself went for a run to make myself feel better, ended up running past her flat (we live on the same street) to see her ex was over for the night. Went for a run the following night to see another bloke over! It never gets easy when you have your ex on a pedestal - I am yet to find a way to feel better aside from watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall once a day! haha

    If you fancy a chat/Vent, unsure if this forum supports private messaging but if it does send me a message. If it helps we can zoom call and rant/rave/unload about ex's to each other and hopefully will cure at least the loneliness bit if nothing else!

    Chin up

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    Dec 2009
    Reality check..
    Do you really believe that at 28yrs old that you will never ever ever find someone else? Unless you go to Peru and dig a hole in the forest and decide to live like a hermit down there, odds are you will find someone.
    Truth is that you attracted someone before, so what makes you think you wont attract someone else within the next 70 years? Im going to tell you a secret okay so don't tell anyone. This whole "The ONE" is a bunch of dung. To think that there is ONE special person for you out of 4,000,000,000 is crazy. You will find that there are many people that you will mesh with and a very high level.

    The only way you wont meet someone is because you don't want to meet someone. That's a fact. Life and love will find a way.

    And to answer most if not all of your questions.. I can answer them with one word.


    You are allowing the fear of the unknown control you. Just remember, You cant discover new lands if you are afraid to lose sight of the shore.


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