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Thread: Last piece of advice

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    Originally Posted by Skeptic76
    Caveat: I agree that itís unwise to proceed to pick this scab, but you didnít ask for my opinion on that. You asked for advice on how to pick it most effectively.

    Well if youíre gonna do it anyway then here is my take: donít start by bringing up anything relationship-oriented whatsoever. Youíre going to have to convince her youíre over her - but not by saying that directly!
    With respect, Skeptic, I laughed at this because it is funny to see the "game plan" from a male perspective. I'm sure this can work on some women, but I also know many (me included) that will not react as planned here at all. Given that every person and relationship is different, I doubt there is any "right" approach to it that applies to everyone. OP, you know your ex better than anybody here. How can you expect any stranger here to help you craft the best game plan to get someone back when they don't even know her?

    Originally Posted by Skeptic76
    If she really does still care for you then the ball will already be set in motion at that point and all you have to do is play it cool. Let it unfold. If you push her or rush it your chances go way down. And of course if she doesnít want to get back together you canít Jedi mind trick her. There is no psychological method to make someone feel any certain way.
    I agree with this though. Eventually it depends on whether she wants you back or not. Any game plan that "tricks" her into thinking she wants you back (if that's even possible) would be manipulative, and the result won't be authentic.

    You can certainly ask her to reconcile again, but be prepared that she may still say no. If you can handle the rejection, I don't see the point in hiding your feelings and playing lengthy games around it. Meanwhile, there is always no harm in working on personal growth and development. If you broke up because you were not the best boyfriend when you were together, think about what you can (and want to) improve and work on that. In time if you grow into a better person she might change her mind. Or better, you might get over her and find a more compatible partner.

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    What part of the word: "NO" don't you understand?

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    Unfortunately it takes two, so if she's not interested your energy is better spent moving forward than chasing 'the one who got away'.
    Originally Posted by samyc123
    A small part of me would still like to rekindle things.

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