5 months ago my wife left me and took my child. Weíve had issues in our marriage for a while, Problems with in-laws (Basically her mum is controlling and Manipulative and always succeeding) , me and my wife got pregnant early in the marriage (I didnít take the news well and I asked her to abort it I hate that I said that to her I always Apologise for saying it).

Basically the trust went out the window letís say it was a reoccurring thing on my part. It all started when I came home with lipstick on my neck, but this was from a work Colleague who liked me but nothing happened I made it clear I was not interested. Thatís when she started to get Suspicious, so she started going through my things, one day she found a escort number on my phone, the first time this happened, I was interested but never dared to Entertain it, but I made the mistake again, a year later I found my self texting a escort arranging to meet in the end I couldnít do it, she has prove that I never went to see the escort, the last message was the escort asking where I was and why I never texted her. Basically she forgave me, I was happy I tried harder but slipped back into old habits my wife went through my phone again and found a bunch of things such as porn and the contact numbers of women who do video calling and same escort contact number which I forgot I saved in my iPhone Notes, I admit Iím a piece of sh**t, she found a old external hard drive which had porn on it which I completely forgot about .She confronted me about I didint handle the situation very well I tried blaming her about our sex life Saying only have sex once a month, and from then on more Arguments happened. I came home from work she told me she going shopping and Then she Didint come home I asked her oh where are you she told me, Iím staying at my mum house with our son and Iím not coming home. I thought ok maybe letís give her space, 3 days after she came back with her family and took the rest of her stuff, I asked if I could see my child, she agreed to meet at the park all of sudden she coming out with I dont believe you have been faithful I have proof and I want a divorce I couldnít believe what I heard I tried not say anything, because of our little one was there but I said why canít we have this talk somewhere else she said sheís made up her mind, she taken all her stuff, redirected all her letters to her parents house. I keep thinking what should I be doing I want my wife back so badly, I dont know what to do, I have no idea. Is the marriage to far gone for me safe it, itís just nice have some opinions.