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Thread: St John's Wort powder...tastes terrible

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    Originally Posted by Ladyphase
    The only St. John's Wort I could find is in gelatin capsules. I won't eat gelatin from pork, but I can open them easily. The original ones I had were pressed/solid inside the capsule, but now it is loose powder inside. The bottle suggests you can do this and make a tea. It does not appeal to me.

    What can I do to get the dose to go down quickly? I downed the loose powder as quick as I could, but that is very unappealing. I considered putting it in melted butter and cooling it to solid form and taking that before it melts. Would that work, or do you have a better suggestion?

    Trying putting it on a spoonful of yogurt? I've had success with this method.

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    You need to get some vegetarian capsules. You're torturing yourself by trying to ingest this nasty powder this way.

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